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The 680 Hotel

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21 March, 2017

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Event  Connect  is  an  informative,  networking  and  marketing  event,which  brings  together    all  stakeholders  in  the  events  industry.\nThis  one  of  a  kind  event  promises  to  showcase  advancement  in  technology  in  the  event  industry.\nWe  have  put  together  one  of  the  most  innovative  and    inspiring  speakers  to  present  their    business  ventures  in  the  events  industry.\nWhat  you  will  experience  from  this  event  is  an  insight  into  the  latest  trends  in  events  technology  and  what  is  available  in  the  Kenyan  market,  as  well  as  how  you  can  embrace  technology  in  your  events  and  businesses.You  will  also  have  a  networking  and  marketing  platform  to  advertise  and  build  better  business  relationships.


Date & Time

Start : 21 March, 2017, 9:00 AM
End : 21 March, 2017, 5:00 PM

Event Location

The 680 Hotel

Event Speakers

Event Schedule

Sessions Title Speakers Start Time End Time Location
#2 Perfomance Host 5:00pm 5:15pm Tajmar Hall
#3 Wireless Events Mutuma 5:15pm 5:45pm Tajmar Hall
#5 Guiderig Events: Making Every Event an experience Tracy Ndunge and James Muindi 6:00pm 6:30pm Tajmar Hall
#7 Eagles Media: Using Drones in Events Ken 6:45pm 7:15pm Tajmar Hall
#9 Styles Media: Qr Codes at Events Jackson 7:30pm 8:00pm Tajmar Hall
#10 Networking Open Session 8:00pm 9:00pm Tajmar Hall

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